What we do

Tecnyca (Technology and Quality): company specializes in engineering and regulatory compliance for highly regulated by good hygienic practices and requirements for their industries company.

This is achieved by the provision of services and the development, implementation and effective implementation of existing requirements (GXP) of good manufacturing practices (cGMP), Good Laboratory Practice (cGLP), Good Storage Practices (CGSP) and distribution (cGDP) and good engineering practice (CGEP); compatibilizándolas with quality management systems and scope grounded in the regulations of the WHO (World Health Organization) guidelines ICH (International Conference on Harmonisation), standards and guidelines FDA (US Food and Drug Administration) EMA (European Medicines Agency) ISO (International Organization for Standardization) standards.




Gran parte del esfuerzo en la implementación de los conceptos de inocuidad alimentaria en la manufactura de diversos productos se fundamenta en la reducción o eliminación de los ...


Los niveles de exigencia o requerimientos de calidad en la industria alimenticia, se están tornando cada vez más rigurosos y están tendiendo hacia los estándares de la industria ...

Our Services

Founded on the philosophy of Pharmaceutical Quality for the XXI Century, the team of specialists in Quality, Regulatory Compliance and IT – Technology Information- of Tecnyca has developed an expert system, consisting of a set of software tools that allows businesses accelerate their compliance and bring their products to market faster, reducing costs and increasing efficiency….

Our goal is to make the issue becomes more complex technically simple and easy to apply, we accomplish this by adapting the size and structure of our customers, providing flexible access to different and varied specialists cGxP and implementing knowledge and international experience capitalized in decades to solve various challenges, combining infrastructure needs and production quality objectives and regulatory requirements

Our training programs are grounded in a methodology, which gives our customers the tools to acquire, improve or increase their competitiveness on a personal and / or company level; likewise implemented forums to interact with colleagues from other industries effectively

We combine the experience and knowledge in the development of projects providing our customers with solutions that meet international standards of ISPE-International Society for Pharmaceutical Engineering-, ASME BPE -American Society of Mechanical Engineers Equipment- Bioprocess and correct implementation of good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) WHO World Health Organization, US FDA United States food and Drug Administration and European Medicines Agency EMA for pharmaceutical, biological, nutraceuticals, specialty foods and cosmetics